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Remember the Titans is an American sports film, directed by Boaz Yakin and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for Walt Disney Pictures, released in 2000. The film stars Denzel Washington as coach Herman Boone, Wood Harris as Julius Campbell and Ryan Hurst as Gerry Bertier. Remember the Titans centers on the Americian football team of the newly integrated T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. Although based on a true story, events in the film are largely exaggerated, especially those pertaining to initial racial tensions within the team, as well as the level of opposition the Titans faced. my name is abby michaela dugas that's me 7403 ashgrove north farm rd 9 hey gerry bertier i have missed you so much i know you still here and please talked to me.

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Dear Gerry bertier my name is Abby Michaela Dugas

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